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Product Code: 60202
Weight: 5.25kg
Dimensions: 60.00cm x 60.00cm x 2.80cm
Call for Price: 07 32652246

This hardwearing and heat resistant table top has been tested for resistance to scratching, hot spills, and hot cigarette ash. It’s easy clean, stress and weather resistant and makes an ideal bistro or cafe table top.

Available Sizes

600 square 700mm 800mm 800x1200




Model 60202   Model 60205   Model 60210
Unit     Unit     Unit  
Shape Square   Shape Square   Shape Rectangular
Width 700mm   Width 800mm   Width 800mm
Depth 700mm   Depth 800mm   Depth 1200mm
Height 28mm   Height 28mm   Height 35mm
Weight 7.65kg   Weight 10.20kg   Weight 16.0kg
Stacking Height N/A   Stacking Height N/A   Stacking Height N/A


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